Good Global Governance – Expert Workshop with Günther Bachmann

Good Global Governance – How the world got its acts together on climate protection and what it means for companies

In our expert workshop, Prof. Dr. Günther Bachmann provides insights into which market and regulatory instruments need to be implemented internationally to make a significant step towards global climate neutrality. He deduces what these instruments mean for companies and which adaptions to existing business models are necessary. Bachmann describes possible scenarios, such as how companies might have to accept the Carbon Coin as an internal accounting unit based on decisions by the ECB, or how they might invest in nature in Africa out of enlightened self-interest to jointly account for carbon and biodiversity credits.

Our promise:

Companies whose value chains heavily rely on natural resources will gain an understanding of the global regulatory framework they need to adapt to and how to leverage it to their advantage, as well as how they need to prepare and change accordingly.

Workshop Methodology

In a five-hour on-site workshop at your company, Prof. Bachmann presents his analysis of how global governance, particularly in terms of climate protection, will necessarily change. The implications for the company will be discussed and validated together. In a concluding working session, the company’s potential actions within this new regulatory framework will be determined.

The Expert

Günther Bachmann stands for what can be achieved in terms of sustainability and what the future should mean. As Secretary General of the Sustainability Council until March 2020, he shaped German sustainability policy and advised the federal government. Currently, he is active as an Innovator Fellow for Conservation International, a globally operating NGO. He chairs the jury of the Sustainability Award and shares his expertise on politics, science, and society in various advisory boards and international networks. His essay on politics, utopia, and real design spaces was published by Oekom Verlag in November 2020.

Günther Bachmann can also be reached through the Office for Transformation, in collaboration with Stephan Engel and Harald Welzer (