HR of the Future – Expert Workshop with Wolf-Bertram von Bismarck

HR of the Future – How Must Companies Rethink to Be Successful?

In this expert workshop, Dr. Wolf-Bertram von Bismarck focusses on the question of how an HR department must be structured in the future to effectively implement your company’s strategy and be prepared for tomorrow. Von Bismarck provides an overview of essential HR topics, including recruiting, talent management, leadership, the role of a company’s purpose, and organizational structure. Depending on your needs, we are able to focus particularly on one of these areas.


Tailored to your point of departure, von Bismarck will work with you to assess the current state of your company and prepare next steps to successfully transform your HR into the future.

Workshop Methodology

Starting with a keynote speech by Dr. Wolf-Bertram von Bismarck on the topics of recruiting, talent management, leadership, purpose, and organization, the workshop proceeds with a collective assessment of your company’s current status on these issues. The results are summarized in an open fishbowl discussion and translated into actionable next steps.

The Expert

Dr. Wolf-Bertram von Bismarck is the Managing Director of the e-learning platform PINKTUM and heads the PINKTUM Institute. His main interest today lies in the question of how people learn in a digital context and what soft skills are needed to successfully face the future.

Von Bismarck has extensive experience in HR consulting and has been responsible for global HR work at PUMA, Fielmann, and Imtech. He studied business psychology in Germany, England, and the USA. His publications have appeared in numerous professional journals and books.