Sustainable Innovation & Growth as the Main Driver of Germany’s Economic Power – Expert Workshop with Günther Bachmann

In this future workshop, Prof. Dr. Günther Bachmann outlines how the economy will transform over the next few years, emphasizing how innovations in sustainability and the resulting adjustments to business models will become the central growth drivers for many companies. Prof. Bachmann assists decision-makers in identifying key topics – like uncovering hidden gems in an unplowed field – for sustainable innovation and growth, initiating the first sparks of the innovation process.


Companies that have yet to recognize the entrepreneurial opportunities presented by sustainability will receive a crucial impetus to identify and systematically capitalize on these opportunities.

Workshop Methodology

In this full-day, on-site workshop at your company, Prof. Bachmann will present his vision of „Sustainable Innovation & Growth“ on the macro level in the morning. He will illustrate how significant economic framework conditions will evolve in the coming years. In the afternoon, leveraging prior analyses conducted by POOL, relevant fields and strategies will be collaboratively identified on the micro level, tailored specifically to your company.

The Expert

Günther Bachmann epitomizes the potential of sustainability and the vision for the future. As the former Secretary General of the Sustainability Council until March 2020, he significantly shaped German sustainability policy and advised the federal government. Currently, he serves as an Innovator Fellow for Conservation International, a globally active NGO. He chairs the jury of the Sustainability Award and shares his extensive expertise on politics, science, and society across various advisory boards and international networks. His essay on politics, utopia, and practical design spaces was published by Oekom Verlag in November 2020.

Günther Bachmann is also available through the Office for Transformation, in collaboration with Stephan Engel and Harald Welzer (