The Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence – Future Workshop with Wolf-Bertram von Bismarck

The Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

In this future workshop, the experienced HR and personnel development expert Dr. Wolf-Bertram von Bismarck poses crucial questions: How can humans remain at the center in the age of artificial intelligence? And: How can society, our working environment and AI be harmonized, and how much empathy can AI have? Von Bismarck sheds light in the interplay between humans and artificial intelligence within a company: What competencies are needed? How can we grasp synergies?  All these question needs to be tackled in order to make companies succesful and future-proof.

Our Promise

By working on issues like corporate culture, employees and their skill sets for the new scenarios of AI deployment, you will be able to navigate safely thorugh the age of AI – and transform possibilities into succesful business.

Workshop Methodology

The full-day workshop kicks off with a keynote by Dr. Wolf-Bertram von Bismarck. We will discuss the megatrend of AI and its impact on collaboration within the company, followed by outlining specific AI futures. This future scenario, presented as a collage, serves as the basis for the final discussion: How can humans and machines jointly advance the company?

Our Expert

Dr. Wolf-Bertram von Bismarck is the Managing Director of the e-learning platform PINKTUM and leads the PINKTUM Institute. His main interest today focusses on the question of how people learn in a digital context and what soft skills are needed in an uncertain future.

Von Bismarck has extensive experience in HR consulting and has been responsible for global HR work at PUMA, Fielmann, and Imtech. He studied business psychology in Germany, England, and the USA. His publications have appeared in numerous professional journals and books.